Certificate Of Origin Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement Form

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5. This annex should not be construed as preventing a participant`s customs administration from requiring additional information in accordance with Article 4.6.1 of the agreement and this agreement. FTA/declaration certificates are optional. You can continue to ship products to FTA partner countries without benefiting from the FREI preference. However, if the importer is considering the ESTV preference, you must provide the information to the buyer in the form of CO or a return. 6. Participants understood that if, as a result of an original inspection carried out pursuant to Article 4.6 (origin checks) of the agreement, a participant`s customs administration found that a product under a certificate of origin for the multiple importation of identical goods pursuant to Article 4.1.5, (b) the agreement is not originating and that this certificate of origin should not be used to request preferential tariff treatment for identical products imported after the date on which the written provision under Article 4.6.10 of the agreement is forwarded to the exporter or producer. 34. Participants understand that the customs administration from which the application is made: subject to Article 4.10.3 of the Convention and paragraph 35, within 90 days or a longer period set by the importer`s laws and regulations, within ninety days or within a longer period set by the importer`s laws and regulations, after receiving all the information reasonably necessary to process the request, including any additional information. The importer or buyer will assert the right to a preference for the free trade agreement if it requests import clearance, but is based on the information provided by the exporter in the certificate or declaration.

The importer may need these documents to prove the request to its local customs authority. Trade agreements or FREI declarations should only be issued if your property is qualified for the ESTV. Not all free trade agreements require specific forms. There is a special NAFTA certificate (CBP 434) for qualifying shipments to Canada and Mexico.

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