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U-haul is behind sucking, these are thieves who use lawyers to take advantages and make a contract that should be illegal. In my case, they stole $60 from me with their contract. I hope people will unmask U-Haul for what they are. Bottomline…… uhaul sucks….. I screwed by not callin Penske Truck Rental, their rate for a 24 hour one way 1000 usable miles 157 dollars, 100 less than me. UHAULSUCKS. It looks awful. Would you be willing to tell your horror story of Uhaul on We really want people to be fully informed and informed before they spend their money and risk their safety with Uhaul. U-Haul, indeed, DOES SUCK!! My husband and I were U-Haul dealers for five consecutive years until November 14, 2014, when the new MCO president closed our doors in Denver, changing our lifestyle as we knew it.

In August 2014, a verbal agreement was reached by telephone between us and MCO President Mike Blau for the supply of two U-boxes. As the only U-Box distributor in the entire state of Wyoming, Blau agreed to pay us a certain amount in dollars to deliver two U boxes from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Casper, Wyoming; A round trip of 325 km. The U boxes were delivered from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Casper, Wyoming, and then recovered and brought back from Casper to Cheyenne. The total travel time for the entire transaction was approximately 12 hours. We also agreed that U-Haul would reimburse us for the use of its 14-foot truck for the delivery of U boxes. To keep a long story short, the total bill we sent to U-Haul for this entire expense included the work expenses to drive the U 650-mile boxes, the reimbursement fee for truck rentals and the reimbursement of fuel costs. After two months of hunting and hunting U-Haul to refund us, we received a cheque for the final payment in October 2014. On November 14, 2014, the MCO President closed the doors of our dealership. It turns out that blue was tested a few weeks earlier and that the test did not go well.

He is expected to have received it. He chose the «clean house» by closing our car dealership and sending a longtime employee back to the Denver plant in Colorado. Our distributor raised more than $150,000 between January 2014 and mid-November 2014. We were in the top 5 of the largest distributors in the state of Wyoming. Blue accused us of trying to rip off U-Haul. I ask the question: how can a single trader rip off a multi-million dollar business in a single bill? Blue is a manufactured without back and non-confrontational, it could not even close our doors in person. He let our AFM do his dirty work. U-Haul treats its merchants less well than its customers. U-Haul !!! I come to my new place at 730 pm and try to find the Game of Ravens Cowboys on TV, but I`m screwed because it`s on the nfl network. I`m starting to unload and it`s really cold outside. I`m thinking about saying, forget the early return on the truck and just fall on the couch and start early in the morning, but don`t make up your mind because I can get a partial refund and the sooner I unpack, the sooner I can get my warm clothes packed to the front of the Uhaul cabin.

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