International Chamber Of Commerce Distribution Agreement

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An international commercial operation requires a detailed and precise contract. However, it can be costly and laborious to conclude such a treaty itself. The International Chamber of Commerce, the World Organization of the World Economy, has responded with CCI`s international sales contract to the need for a market for a reliable and fair model, which offers a solution to present a set of clear and concise standard contractual terms for the most fundamental international trade agreement. ICC contracts and standard clauses must provide a solid legal basis for parties to international treaties to quickly reach a mutually acceptable agreement. CCI`s selective distribution agreements allow exporters to better control how their products are marketed to the end consumer. This model provides a solid legal basis for… Practice has shown that companies and companies active in international trade often use commercial agencies and distribution contracts to market their products abroad. However, users need to take into account the fundamental differences… This model contract addresses issues related to online sales, compensation, arbitration and legal principles that are generally applicable to the agency contract («lex mercatoria»). The ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract was first developed in 1991 and has become a standard reference point for companies wishing to appoint agents for overseas markets. This model contract was updated in 2015 to take into account recent developments in agency law and to address issues related to online sales, compensation, arbitration and legal principles generally applicable to agency contracts («lex mercatoria»). This model contract was updated in 2015 to take account of recent developments in agency law and is not based on specific national legislation; Instead, it takes into account the dominant practice of international trade and the principles recognized by national law regarding the Agency. The model is designed to cover the situation of a distributor acting at the wholsale level and who is responsible for organizing the distribution of the supplier`s products within or part of the country.

It therefore does not apply, in principle, to distributors who sell at the retail level, although many clauses of the model are compatible with this situation. Distribution contracts are one of the most widely used means of organising distribution abroad. Almost all companies active in international trade have certain distributors abroad, which means that most exporters will at some point face the development of an international distribution contract. But one of the difficulties faced by distributors in terms of contracting is the lack of uniform rules. This means that the parties must first refer to the rules set out in their agreements, which makes it essential to carefully develop these contracts. The ICC`s standard distribution contract provides a unique contractual framework that integrates the dominant practice of international trade. It applies in particular to agreements under which distributors act either as buyers and resellers or as importers who organise distribution in the country where they operate. This revised version takes into account recent developments in legislation affecting distribution. It contains a USB stick that contains the full text of the model and its attachments so you can simply tailor the contract to your particular case.

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