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With the revival of the construction industry and the proliferation of closed communities in Florida, the number of different types of technologies of television signal providers, mass cable contracts make no sense. So what are the burdens associated with the MDU`s large-scale agreements? With bulk cable contracts, the snowbirds pay for the six months they`ve left. You cannot disable every service with a mass contract. Dish and CenturyLink users pay for mass cable contracts, even if they don`t use cable. However, they can disable their non-wired service while they are on the go. Many communities in Florida have mass cable contracts for their homes or units. A mass contract allows each unit in the community to have a TV signal service from a single provider for what is called a discount. My community signed a 15-year contract for Comcast Cable Basic Service, written by the developer before she left the store. Basic is minimal channels and generally do not require a cable set-top box.

I know that there is always a special promotion or promotion that the representative could offer when negotiating individual user contracts, which would save a considerable amount of money. Is it the same in mass entertainment? The representative I work with is quite nice, but he has already mentioned twice that there is «not much space to work with». I`m immediately skeptical. b. Customer equipment. «Customer Equipment» refers to the software, hardware or services you wish to use in relation to the Services that are not provided or rented by us or our agent. Notwithstanding the last sentence, all devices you purchased from us (or our agent) and as part of an express sales contract are «customer equipment.» You agree to allow us and our agents to offer us the rights to insert wired cards and other hardware into customer hardware, to send software and/or «downloads» to customer hardware, and to install, configure, maintain, verify and update customer hardware. You guarantee that you either own the customer equipment or that you are empowered to give us access to customers` equipment. If you do not own the customer equipment, it is your responsibility to obtain the required permission from the owner so that we and our agents can have access to the activities described in this paragraph. In addition, you agree to us or our agent if we request to provide the owner`s name, address and phone number and/or proof that the owner has granted such permission. To avoid any doubt, «Customer Equipment» does not contain Xfinity equipment for which you have paid unturned equipment fees.

d. End-user software licenses. Software or applications may be required to use certain functions of the service. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of all end-user licensing agreements that accompany the software or plug-ins with this software, distributed or used in relation to the Services, including, but not only, the terms of use of web services, my.xfinity.com/terms/web, as these agreements may be changed from time to time.

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