Ancestral Agreement

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20These different aspects are reflected in the final agreement, in a cross-sectional series of «intrinsic values»28, called Tupua te Kawa, which is also called «natural law and the value system… which binds people to the river and the river to men»29:30 I would like to give an example of a genealogial treaty within my own family. When my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 47, I took him to see a famous healer who said, «I work on your energy field. Within three days, you will have drainage on the side of the head. Do not take x-rays or disturb this drainage for 10 days. Three days later, like a clock movement, a small orifice appeared on the side of my brother`s head (who was bald by chemotherapy), and a yellow liquid began to flow. No one could tell what it was. 33 This agreement was reached in March 2013 and the legislation to implement the agreement, adopted in July 2014, was described in a very poetic way and its importance for the city and New Zealand is very well expressed:58 17A agreement was reached on the resolution of these dysfunctions22 – between the tribes and the government on the future common management of the river – was reached in 2012223 and completed in 2014.24 25 What is different from all the other comparison agreements established before the creation of a new legal entity for the river, Te Awa Tupua, is a matter of personification of the river that is owned by indigenous tribes. 81, paragraph 2.16, Tutohu Whakatupua (2012), supra n.23.

As mentioned above, the 2014 agreement describes the Tupua Te Kawa as «intrinsic values» and natural law. See notes 28-30 and accompanying text. In such cases, as long as these agreements are at stake, current generations can spend their lives paying off debts they know nothing about. Even the Bible speaks of these intergenerational treaties when it teaches that it takes seven generations to clear the Sins of the Father. Additional conditions may apply that will be communicated to you if you sign up for a new service or if you receive a new promotion or offer, the terms that will be part of your agreement with us if you use these services, promotions or offers. If additional conditions conflict with these conditions, these additional conditions are given priority. If you have any questions about these terms of use or our services, please contact us. 14These activities would be considered to be violations of normal real estate companies in Western liberal democracies; For the Maori of Whanganui, it was also against their cosmology, violating the different spirits of the river as well as the duties of the tribes as sentinels. As water has its own mind and vital force, it must be carefully maintained so as not to diminish or lose that spirit. For example, Maori have strict rules when it comes to not mixing human waste with water that could be a source of food or drinking water. The amalgamation between the two spirits – the unclean and the clean – reduces the vitality of clean and invigorating water, even if it may be in quantities that modern science says are diluted and dispersed, and therefore made clean when scientifically evaluated.

Thus, treated wastewater from a city can never be discharged into an ancestral river without violating a tribe`s cultural relationship with its river. 24A major interest of the river is its health and well-being. These include the development of a «river strategy»39 that «aims to address and promote the environmental, social, cultural and economic health and well-being of the Whanganui River.» 40 To this end, the agreement defines the objectives, status and parameters of a strategy for identifying and managing these health and well-being issues, including the recommendation of measures to address the identified problems41. to review and consider the strategy in decisions in this area.

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