Agreement Gesture

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If a person disapproves of the opinions or attitudes of others but does not mean anything, acts of eviction are likely, that is, apparently innocent gestures of body language that reveal a detained opinion. Recovering pieces of imaginary pelsons from one`s own clothes is such a gesture. The Lint-Picker usually looks away from others as he performs this seemingly minor and irrelevant action. It is a common signal of disapproval and it is a good sign that he does not like what is being said, even if he seems to agree with everything. Far from being imagination, what I have been able to do may have already begun. In August 1994, Monika Liston, assistant to the president of CyberMind, a San Francisco virtual reality company, was married to Hugh Jo at a ceremony hosted by the present minister and parties in a virtual reality environment. 12 metres from each other, the couple maneuvered (at least most) of the sharp and spectacular wedding ceremony – traditionally an amalgam of words, gestures and other physical acts – with special «Vision Immersion» helmets and hand-held motion controllers. At least one guest – an editor-in-chief of Bride Magazine – experienced the wedding over long distances via an AT-T videophone. This gesture says to others: «I am manly – I can dominate», which is why it is regular for men on the Prohle. Any man who speaks to a woman while he stands like this – with enlarged pupils and a foot that shows her – is easily read by most women. This is one of the gestures that the game offers most men, because they explain to him without knowing what is in their head. Finally, the legal gesture performs psychological functions. It affects not only the body, but also the mind.

Legal actions can, unconsciously, help overcome public or individual opposition to a legal transaction by explicitly showing and emphasizing the physical power or greatness of the gesturor or its superiority over others. The realization of a legal gesture can also help to place a gesture in a mental state adapted to the success of an agreement or a relationship. Taking someone`s hand, for example, can subtly put you in a more cooperative frame of mind. Something more general, the legal gesture can create a unique sense of personal empowerment in its interpreter – by gesture, the law is literally integrated into the personal experience that goes beyond the limited physics of writing.

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